Upcoming Classes

Sunday, February 17th: OPEN class at 2pm at the Madisonville Rec Center. Please RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/kick-back-bath-co-free-self-defense-class-tickets-56196229435

If your organization is interested in receiving a self defense class please email kickbackbathco@gmail.com.

Our Classes

Our classes are taught by instructors at Tier 2 Defense at a variety of facilities around the Greater Cincinnati and Oxford areas. Founder and President of Tier 2, Chris Cravens's background is in the military, law enforcement, and federal protection. Designed specifically for women, the one-time classes focus on threat mitigation techniques as well as hand to hand tactics to promote the safety of you and your loved ones. To sign up for a free class, please visit the eventbrite links under "upcoming classes."